High-efficiency Transmissionand Drive Technology

High-efficiency transmission and drive technology in the coretechnology of automation equipment refers to the key technologyto realize high-efficiency energy transmission and drive inautomation equipment.
lt includes but is not limited to the following aspects:
Transmission technology: High-efficiency transmission drivetechnology can realize efficient transmission of energy (such asbatteries, pallets, liquids, etc.) to ensure the normal operation ofthe equipment. For example, AGV transmission, RGV transmission,logistics line transmission, liquid injection machine electrolysispipeline transmission and other transmission systems to realize thelong-distance precise positioning transmission of objects andliquids.
Transmission Technology: High-efficiency transmissiontransmission technology can realize the efficient transmission ofmechanical energy and ensure the efficient operation of theequipment. For example, efficient transmission devices (such ascam drive, belt drive, etc.) can realize high-speed, high-precisionmovement of mechanical equipment.
The application of high-efficiency transmission drive technologycan improve the energy utilization rate, operational efficiency andreliability of automation equipment, and reduce energyconsumption and environmental pollution. lt is widely used inmany fields such as industrial production, energy field, etc. lt playsan important role in promoting the development of automationequipment and enhancing industrial competitiveness.

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