SZJ Automation’s RENEO 2024 Trip Ended Successfully: Saw the Future Battery Manufacturing

The RENEO always serves as a pivotal gathering for the industries in renewable energy and battery manufacturing, offering a platform for professionals, researchers, policymakers, and enthusiasts to converge, collaborate, and catalyze advancements in sustainable energy solutions.

And a couple of days ago, the RENEO 2024 ended. This year’s event was an esteemed gathering that served as a pivotal event within the renewable energy and battery manufacturing sectors. As one of the exhibitors in RENEO 2024, we, SZJ Automation, were proud to have attended. As a key participant, we seized this opportunity to engage with key players in the field, exchange insights, and demonstrate our cutting-edge automated battery production solutions tailored for future battery manufacturing production. Our participation allowed us to strengthen existing partnerships, forge new collaborations, and stay abreast of the latest trends and technologies shaping the future industry landscape.

How Did We Participate in the RENEO 2024?

During the time of RENEO 2024, from 10th April to 14th April, we navigated a packed schedule filled with engaging discussions, insightful meetings, and informative presentations.

Firstly, we welcomed visitors from all corners of the globe, eager to gain insights into the latest trends and advancements in battery manufacturing. From industry veterans to newcomers seeking to enter the market, our booth was a hub of activity as attendees gathered to exchange ideas, share experiences, and explore the future of renewable energy.

And our team actively participated in discussions centered around the enhancement and refinement of battery manufacturing solutions. Collaborating with industry experts, suppliers, and partners, we delved deep into the intricacies of the production process, identifying areas for smart manufacturing. These discussions were instrumental in shaping our approach to developing more efficient, scalable, and sustainable solutions for the future.

At the heart of our presence at RENEO 2024 was the introduction of our comprehensive battery manufacturing turnkey solution. Through live demonstrations, interactive presentations, and in-depth consultations, we showcased the capabilities and benefits of our integrated automation solutions tailored specifically for the future battery manufacturing industry.

What Did We Showcase to Our Visitors?

1. Intelligent Solution for Cylindrical Cell Assembly Line

At RENEO 2024, we presented our advanced Intelligent Solution for Cylindrical Cell Assembly Line, garnering significant attention and admiration from visitors.

This comprehensive battery manufacturing turnkey solution revolutionizes the manufacturing process for lithium and sodium cylindrical batteries, catering to both large-scale and small-scale production needs.

Our visitors at RENEO 2024 were particularly impressed by the advanced and efficient nature of our intelligent solution. Due to its impressive production rate capability ranging from 50 to 350 parts per minute (PM), this high throughput ensures productivity. As a result, battery manufacturers can meet the demands of fast-paced manufacturing environments. Additionally, our solution is designed to be flexible, allowing for seamless adaptation to varying production requirements and specifications.

2. Intelligent Solution for Pouch Cell Assembly Line

We also proudly unveiled another groundbreaking innovation: the Intelligent Solution for Pouch Cell Assembly Line at RENEO 2024. Our visitors were astounded by the technological prowess and efficiency of this automated battery manufacturing system. With a remarkable 99% whole product qualification rate, 98% equipment utility rate, and 10-24 PPM Li-battery production rate, our solution ensures consistent and high-quality output, meeting the rigorous standards of the battery manufacturing industry. So, the visitors were warmly engaged in the discussion of how this turnkey automation would accelerate its factory production and enhance the efficiency of the entire battery assembly line.

3. Intelligent Solution for Prismatic Cell Assembly Line

Traditionally, EV battery manufacturers have predominantly utilized the prismatic form factor to deliver battery products to their clients. Hence, at RENEO 2024, the admiration for our SZJ Automation’s Intelligent Solutions for Prismatic Cell Assembly Line was palpable, particularly among electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturers.

One of the key factors that drew admiration from EV battery manufacturers at our booth was the self-developed continuous laser welding technology for the top cover edge of prismatic. This innovative technology significantly increased efficiency by more than 3 to 5 times compared to conventional segmental welding methods. Plus, with a production rate ranging from 6 to 24 parts per minute (PPM), our solution promises to deliver consistent and reliable output, which is crucial for meeting the demands of high-volume production.

EV battery manufacturers recognized the immense potential of this advancement in streamlining production processes, reducing cycle times, and enhancing overall manufacturing efficiency. So, we gained many valuable clients at this exhibition to extend our partnerships.

4. Intelligent Solution for Photovoltaic Cell Production Line

Amidst the buzz and excitement surrounding renewable energy solutions at RENEO 2024, we also brought our Intelligent Solution for Photovoltaic Cell Production Line. With a global shift towards renewable energy resources, photovoltaic cells have emerged as a future trend in the battery manufacturing industry.

According to this, our solution addresses three significant links in the photovoltaic industry chain: silicon wafers, batteries, and modules, which offer unparalleled efficiency, reliability, and scalability. We are capable of empowering our clients to meet the growing demand for turnkey photovoltaic cell production solutions worldwide.

Why Should You Trust SZJ Automation?

As the center stage in RENEO 2024, we, SZJ Automation, showcased our commitment to innovation and excellence, presenting a range of high-quality and productive battery manufacturing turnkey solutions to visitors from all over the world.

Our success at the event underscored our mission to focus on core technological innovation in intelligent manufacturing, creating maximum value for customers. And through our impressive array of over 87 invention patents, 260 utility models, 8 designs, and 93 software copyrights, we can always deliver our solution with professionalism. Our participation in RENEO 2024 reaffirmed our dedication to driving forward the future renewable energy industry with cutting-edge solutions.


With a vision to lead the global market in intelligent equipment technology, we have demonstrated our capabilities in battery manufacturing at RENEO 2024 and have progressed the whole industry to move forward.

If you missed our exhibition time, don’t worry. You can directly contact us to get more information! You can also visit our SZJ Automation’s official website to follow the latest events we will be attending. Let’s collaborate to create a new future of better battery manufacturing.


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