Appearance Inspection Machine

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Appearance Inspection Machine

Cell Appearance Inspection Machines, also known as Vision Inspection Machines or Vision Inspection Systems, are precision equipment used to assess the appearance and surface quality of batteries during the auto manufacturing process.


This auto appearance inspectors possesses high sensitivity and stability, enabling automated and intelligent appearance inspection on continuous factory assembly lines.

Equipment Parameters

Equipment capacity≥200PPM
Equipment yield≥99.8%
Equipment failure rate≤2%
CD detection accuracy≤±0.1mm


Battery Appearance Inspection Machines are used to visually inspect the appearance and surface quality of a battery cell or battery pack. These machines play a critical role in the battery manufacturing process.


    1. High-Resolution Cameras : appearance inspection machines are equipped with high-resolution cameras capable of capturing detailed images of the product surface.


    1. Lighting Systems : Cell Inspection Machines often incorporate specialized illumination systems, proper lighting is essential for highlighting surface features and defects.


    1. Image Processing System : Advanced image processing algorithms are used to analyze captured images and identify visual defects or irregularities.


    1. Defect Classification and Sorting : Once defects are detected, the auto appearance inspector can classify them based on predefined criteria, such as size, shape, location, and severity.



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