Automated Cell Insertion Machine

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Automated Cell Insertion Machine

Automated Cell Insertion Machine is an advanced solution for optimizing cylindrical cell assembly processes. Its turret cam drive mechanism design enhances production efficiency and shelling stability.


This automatic cell insertion machine is designed for cylindrical cell production and is equipped with high-precision core and shell diameter testing equipment. This feature helps improve the shelling yield by enabling advanced testing capabilities.

Equipment Parameters

Equipment capacity≥150PPM
Equipment yield≥99.8%
Equipment failure rate≤2%
Precision of shell guiding jig≤±0.01mm
Shell positioning accuracy≤±0.1mm
Precision of shell-in pressure control±0.5N



Automated Cell Insertion Machines, commonly used in manufacturing, offer various applications across industries, particularly in electronics assembly. Here are some of their main applications:

1.Battery Pack Assembly : Automated battery insertion machines are commonly used for battery pack assembly. They accurately insert individual cells or modules into designated slots in the battery pack structure, ensuring proper alignment and connection.

2.High-Speed Production :  These automatic insertion machines are designed for high volumecell production Compared to manual methods, they can significantly increase throughput by automating the insertion process.

3.Multiple Battery Chemistries :  Automated cell insertion machines can handle a wide range of battery chemistries, including Li-ion and lead-acid.



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