Hot Pressing Machine

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Hot Pressing Machine

The hot pressing machine has independent gravity offset and pressure monitoring for each layer, with consistent pressure for each layer. The heated pressure plate adopts resistance heating to ensure uniform temperature distribution.

The hot press forming equipment applies a special ceramic-plating process to ensure that it does not stick to the core diaphragm after hot press forming and completes the information binding and uploading.


Equipment Parameters

Equipment capacity:12-40PPM
Equipment yield:≥99.9
Hot pressing pressure:5000-30000kgf
Pressure accuracy:±3%
Temperature precision:±3℃
Compatible products range:T=20~75mm W=150~300 H=80~220




Hot Pressing Machines is important in various stages of battery manufacturing, such as electrode sheet production and cell assembly. These hot press forming equipment compress electrode materials onto current collectors, coat electrodes with slurry, calender to enhance mechanical properties, and stack and assemble cell components.


By applying heated plate and pressure, this machine ensure uniform distribution, density, and adhesion of electrode materials, which ultimately enhances battery performance and stability.


Hot press forming machines are crucial in pressing and sealing battery cells, ensuring safety and integrity during operation.


Hot pressing machines are indispensable tools in battery manufacturing, facilitating efficient fabrication processes and optimizing the performance and reliability of battery cells.

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